Friday, 16 July 2010

Jamie's Food Revolution - OMG!

Just finished watching Jamie's Food Revolution and oh my god! For those who haven't watched Jamie Oliver has travelled to the US to look into what schools feed the kids and why people are dying from Heart Disease and Dietbeties. Trying to "create a seed of change".

Personally I agreed with EVERYTHING he said. And found myself getting incredibly defensive of Jamie as just about every person in the town was snide, rude and unhelpful. He's there to help people!

The food being served to these primary school children was just plain disgraceful! Pizza for breakfast. Chicken Nuggets for lunch. All fruit thrown in the bin and guidelines which insisted on idiotic guidelines. I was utterly appalled at the attitudes of the townspeople and personally thought they deserved to be called idiots!

Our attitude toward food continues to baffle and horrify me. I found recently that a cream I'd bought had sugar in it and that to me signifies the complete idiocy of our culture today. We accept the insane but if 100 years ago we'd been told that we'd put sugar in cream and live on oil we'd have thought it was a joke. And it seems like a joke except for one thing...we're killing ourselves and the younger generation. That's not a joke. That's scary!

I had to eat my Sushi just to keep reminding myself I wasn't eating the disgusting food on the screen but I really don't believe we'll change. I wish I could describe how shocked and upset watching that was for me. A good guy, trying to help others and being blackballed whichever way he turned. I can say I was shocked, horrified, appalled, felt physically sick and upset but really none of those things, though all true, come close to what I felt whilst watching that. It was both distressing and just plain awful to watch.

I sit here, thinking about this and feeling like if I believe hard enough we can change it but I don't think we will. I WISH we would. We are very very smart in some ways. We invent things all the time and have advanced beyond our wildest imagination. In other ways we are just plain idiots.

Recently I watched Star Trek: Insurrection. In that movie there is a culture. This culture knows technology. Can understand it. Can create it. They choose not to. I choose that. The more I learn, acquire and use technology the less I like it. Nothing is quiet. Nothing is as it seems. Nowhere is dark anymore.

I also have a message for everyone who thinks I'm crazy...I don't care. Some people have actively told me I'm either nuts or are generalising. I don't care. I don't like the lifestyle we're expected to live. I don't believe in it. I am not naturally spiritual however I know one thing for sure. I'm not going to find what I'm looking for spiritually with music blaring, food oozing and technology invading.

When I read and knit I am given the head-space to contemplate and reflect. With all of those other things invading my life I don't get that. I just don't want the same things anymore. I think I would be much happier if I just moved to a farm somewhere quiet, away from the city and the people, and lived the way I believe in and trust me...if I could I would!

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  1. You said:
    "I think I would be much happier if I just moved to a farm somewhere quiet, away from the city and the people, and lived the way I believe in and trust me...if I could I would!"

    What *is* stopping you? Do you know how many people I have heard say this and the only thing they think is stopping them is a mortgage and a Job they don't like. Perhaps its something else for you. But if there is passion for it there is a way. I speak from experience, we moved out to a isolated indigenous community, with little in wages and no real accomodation. It's not quite and its not been easy, but we are doing what we are called to do and know we shouldn't be else where. So just an encouragement to you if you know you should be somewhere else, there is always a way. Especially if you give your selve the space you have been talking about to hear the truth come through.

    Blessing and thanks for reading our blog.


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